Some Of The People You Will Work With.

Coming from many walks of life, none born 'with a silver spoon in their mouths', each has in their own way built personal wealth from very humble beginnings. 

Adrian Jenkins - Investorgroup

Adrian Jenkins


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Adrian first arrived in Australia in 1997, knowing no-one - Built a substantial publishing business, invested in cutting edge technology, invested in multiple residential properties, experienced the set backs of the GFC, but enjoyed security of some defensive strategies. Serial property investor, serial business investor. Between the Rabbit and the Tortoise... I choose to be a fast tortoise every day!

sharon warner - Investorgroup

Sharon Warner


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Contract Liaison requires safe hands: Effective service, Efficient service, Organised service. The mantra and constant reminder to the rest of the team. Before we were lucky enough to have her join us, in a previous life Sharon was PA to the Head of The Private Bank & Trust in Mayfair, London.

Busy lives can sometimes get in the way of keeping everything on track. With three teenage children Sharon understands only too well, the daily time demands that we all face.

She provides the safe pair of hands, the organisation and controlled process, to keep you informed and 'in the loop' regarding the status of your property purchases, at all stages of the process.

Sharon's very efficient 'down-to-earth' friendly approach to everything and everyone, makes her incredibly warm and easy to get on with. Meanwhile her 'can do' approach ensures she's not just a friendly face, but a highly effective support operator for you too.

mike stenzel

Mike Stenzel


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‘Magic Mike’ to those in the know. Not because he particularly resembles anyone from the film, they just took his name. All jokes aside, our “Numbers Man” is known affectionately as ‘Magic Mike’ because he provides an outstanding service in an industry where experience counts.

Mike spent 19 years working for NAB (but don’t hold that against him) heading up areas in Commercial, Agricultural & Residential loans before moving on and setting up his own company Property Finance Pty Ltd.*

Here he specialises in providing finance for investors , and has done for more than 12 years , whether they be ‘first timers’ or ‘serious’ investors looking to add to their existing portfolio.

Mikes ethos is “Every investor’s personal circumstance is unique, with unique requirements, requiring unique solutions” and his targeted personalised service echoes that. Finance can be a nerve wracking experience and sometimes complex so having someone in your corner who knows the inside workings is invaluable.

Mike brings an especially unique sense of humour and upfront-ness to his service. Whilst appearing somewhat modest once you chat to him for a while you will find out that Mike knows that he knows what he’s doing being a ‘serious’ investor himself.

Definitely a man to have on your side, for the long term. Invest with Mike, and he’ll invest in you.

*Australian Credit Licence Number 422677


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