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The Curse of Knowledge

Extensive research plays an important role in property investment. But all too often, extensive research leads to conflicting data, invariably causing confusion and decision paralysis.

Everybody needs a 'coach'.

Elite sports people - have full time personal coaches.

Why...aren't they are already amongst the best in their field? Yes, often they are, but they have coaches to identify, adapt and remove technical or personal weaknesses, and to amplify and build on personal or technical strengths. Because to be the best at what you do, your mindset must be,  "There is ALWAYS something to learn."

Top business people - regularly engage 'mentors'.  

...Not to tell them how to run their business, they already do that. The best mentors provoke thought, constructively critique and provide insights and bring experience and learnings, that might otherwise be overlooked dismissed. (Often we can't see the wood, for the trees)

Investing in property -  is no different to buying a business. Many sensible strategies fail to drive action. 

There is always a significant volume and often overwhelming forest of information to assimilate.

Focus on the key and essential important trees, rather than getting lost amongst the forest.

InvestorGroup provides research with a laser focus on the essential and important, 'key trees', to show a clear pathway, rather than getting lost amongst the forest of information.

We 'boil down' sometimes unnecessarily complicated concepts, into the key details and share only those, so that decisons can be made. 

We use concrete language, identifying with precision what the opportunities present, AND the potential challenges that might present themselves both now and in the future.