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Investment Property Portfolio Review

" She'll be right!... Or will she?"

How much do you think a typical property investor will miss out on over 10 years, because they are not following the correct property investment strategies?

Would $1.2m - $2m in net worth, over 10 years surprise, shock or horrify you?

Are you sure you are following the correct property investment strategies?
~ If you have a plan, will your current property investment plan get you to your financial goals on time?
~ Are the properties you hold now, still likely to outperform the market?
~ Are you getting the maximum returns from your properties?
~ Could you do something to achieve more rent, or higher capital growth?

As part of our service, book your comprehensive investment property review, FREE.

Depending on the findings, we'll draft an action plan for you  – Depending on the depth and breadth of your property portfolio, the financial and property experts consultation hours would normally be valued upwards of $1,000.

Property Portfolio Review

It’s vital that every investor regularly conducts a full property portfolio review and re-assesses their property investment goals, along with the health of their current property portfolio.

Here is your chance to have your personal property portfolio reviewed by a team of property professionals, and get a full strategic analysis  - At no charge!

InvestorGroup will cover the costs of a comprehensive review of your property investment portfolio, and review the strategic analysis and tailor an action plan specifically for you, that will get you to your property investment goals.

Book your Investment Property Portfolio Review


Your property portfolio review will reveal:

  • The value of your current property portfolio (including your home).
  • Whether the properties you currently hold are likely to outperform or underperform in the market.
  • How the property market is tracking right now and how that will impact you now or in the immediate future.
  • Whether the rental incomes on your investment properties are achieving maximum returns.
  • Strategies to ensure you are achieving the maximum tax deductions on your investment properties, so you can increase your cash flow.
  • Ways to significantly increase the value of your existing investment properties and uplift the rental returns.
  • How to structure your finances, so that you achieve your investment property goals sooner.
  • A step-by-step approach to building, and protecting a significant investment property portfolio.
  • Exactly what you should do to reach your property investment goals.
  • The value of possible asset rotation.

Whether you just own your own home or you own 10 investment properties, this is an ideal opportunity to make sure you are on the right path – all at no charge.

As we said at the beginning, it would be lovely to just think " She'll be right!" It's too important to you and anyone close to you, to take high risks.


Meet your investment property objectives

We are in the business of creating a system that works really well, is replicable, and works over and over again.

It's cost and obligation free. Is it worth the risk of not doing it?

Why run the risk of perhaps not following the correct property investment strategies for your plans and goals? Or perhaps you are on a good path but you could achieve everything far sooner...

That would be time lost, that you will never, ever get to do over again. Do it now.