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Property Types

What? Where? Why?

Land, House & Land, Townhouse, Apartment, Villa, Body Corporate, no Body Corp, Freehold, Torrens title, Residential, Commercial, CBD, Rural, Minerals and Resources, New South, Victoria, Queensland, WA, South Australia, Northern Territories, Income-Producing, Non-Income-Producing... Timing in the market, Time in the market. And they are just some of the topics raised in questions that we discuss on a daily basis.

All this information can lead to sensory and statistical overload and ultimately possible complete and utter paralysis. That is where InvestorGroup can remove any blockages.

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Each property type has its own distinct advantages, but some perform better in some areas than others.

Advantages Of Different Property Types

Ideally, properties should have “owner-occupier appeal” so that if you choose to sell in the future, with the highest pool of potential buyers, you can secure the highest price – and, therefore, the most capital growth.

To discuss our detailed selection criteria for property types below:

Residential: Apartments, Dual Key, Dual Occupancy, Duplex, House & Land, Townhouse

Commercial: Office, Retail, Warehouse

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